3dBZH is a low-cost FDM 3D printing service based in Brittany and serving all of Europe.

Size: small to large

We can print pieces up to 80x80x80 cm.

Simple or complex parts

We have the capacity to use soluble supports which allows the printing of complex parts: overhangs, bridges...

Fine resolution

We print with 0.4mm nozzles, with a layer thickness of 0.15mm for high-quality results.


The delivery time depends on the complexity of the part and our availability. We will provide you with an estimate when we prepare the quote, but generally, it is less than ten days.

Technical or prototyping materials: PLA, PETG, ABS

PLA is a preferred choice for its respect for the environment; it is produced from renewable resources such as corn.

PETG and ABS have excellent mechanical properties. PETG is slightly more flexible and impact-resistant, while ABS is harder.

ABS resists high temperatures well, up to 100°C (compared with 70°C for PETG and 45°C for PLA).

PETG, on the other hand, is fairly UV-resistant, so it's preferable for prolonged outdoor use.


We have done complex prints such as this rover model, printed in one piece. This model has many details, overhangs and bridges that are impossible to print on most other machines.

We can also make functional objects, for example a table!